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Become The Master Of Your Own Life!

Welcome to Your Road to Resilience!

...the path to discovering and developing your innate leadership potential.

Road to Resilience is a unique coaching experience geared toward learning more about yourself and developing your strengths. The program supports you to create increased flexibility, creativity and mobility to help you master the challenges and changes that are so much a part of personal and professional life and leadership, especially during difficult and challenging times.




  • Positive Change: Leader as Coach Program
  • Facilitated by Margie Heiler
  • Delivered onsite in your organization


Road to Resilience Journey Highlights:

  • Leverage your strengths and potential.
  • Gain clarity on critical decisions and goals.
  • Optimize response-ability and resilience.
  • Increase self-confidence in showing your best self to all kinds of people in a variety of situations.
  • Understand yourself and others better for more meaningful relationships and more effective communication.
  • Become the master of your own life and leadership. Live from the inside out.
  • Celebrate your wins and accomplishments along the way with a strategic, caring partner.


  • Customized assessment packages.





About Margie

Margie Heiler

Margie S. Heiler, MS
Master Certified Coach
Certified Executive Coach

Resilience is one of the primary keys to success. Read more...


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