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Margie S. Heiler, MS, MCC, CEC
Strategist, Coach, Mentor, Assessments Consultant

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Margie HeilerThroughout many years of working with executives, coaches and teams, I have keenly observed the power of human beings to be resilient. I intuitively recognized this trait to be a key factor in the process of successful change, learning and growth. I began to work creatively with this concept, developing tools (including the award-winning Road to Resilience VALUES DECK) and processes to help people become more resilient in responding to challenges and successes. My clients tell me they not only become more resilient, they also communiacate more powerfully, increase their emotional intelligence, build stronger relationshps, and respond in meaningful ways to their environment, challenges and outcomes. They step into better decision-making, and more effective, efficient and successful leadership.

"Through Margie's coaching, I now understand what I want, how I think, what motivates me, and I have the ability to assess how my own behavior either diminishes or maximizes my leadership effectiveness..."

                                        -Federal Government Senior Executive Coaching Client

With spirited compassion and a deep respect for differences, I partner with individuals, teams and organizations to develop human potential and to support others to create a world that fosters peaceful coexistence that includes more effective communication and improved relationships.

In Road to Resilience Coaching Programs, I meet clients where they are to determine goals and generate strategies to meet those goals. Through a customized series of assessments, surveys, exercises, structures, and tools that complement the coaching conversations, clients discover new ways to approach their leadership, impact their bottom line, and increase their influence as they leverage the power of vision and purpose, and align values with actions. They also learn to balance a more powerful work style with quality of life.


Clients not only achieve their goals, but often move beyond where they ever thought they could go. They enjoy the partnership, truth, safety, trust, challenge, and fun we co-create in the coaching relationship - and so do I! I work with clients who are already successful, are looking for more, and are ready for their next journey. I look forward to blazing your next trail with you.PEACE - Winter 2008 177  


"With Margie's knowledgeable, thorough, caring and supportive teaching and mentoring, I achieved my coaching certification. Sharing her experiences was very helpful to my learning and growth."

                        -Coach Mentoring Client


I was born in Canada and have also lived in California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Utah, and Virginia. I’ve raised four children (actually, they "raised" me). Today, I am living the dreams I have created with my husband and we love to support others in discovering and living theirs. We live in beautiful surroundings near the Blue Ridge Mountains, with our frequent guests, our dogs, and a cat who thinks she is a dog. In my leisure time, I enjoy family and friends, our pets, music, biking, dancing, and hiking.

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