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BOOKS with Contributions by Margie Heiler 

 Sourcebook of Coaching History

In her groundbreaking work, the SOURCEBOOK OF COACHING HISTORY (with forward by Dr. Anthony Grant, director, Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology, University of Sydney, Australia), Brock presents a comprehensive review of the historical roots of coaching and the influence of pioneers in related fields to business and professional coaching as we know it today. Never before has so much information been distilled from research and popular literature dating back to the mid 1970s to highlight implications for the coaching field and its positive impact on postmodern society.


Includes quotes by Margie Heiler.


 Inspired and Prosperous

Learn how your coaching business can thrive in any economy. Meet 11 accomplished coaches, including Margie Heiler, who have each been in business from 12 to 32 years. They share their raw, powerfully inspirational, tell-it-like-it-is mistakes and triumphs. Immerse yourself in meaningful and at times unexpected conversations of how they made it through hard times, and receive their gift of encouragement.


Thousands of coaches have had business breakthroughs thanks to the expert coaches in this book. Buy it now and let them start inspiring and assisting you too!


Read Reviews of Inspired and Prosperous   




  A Guide to Getting It: Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a powerful source of emotional energy that can guide us to accomplish great things and overcome significant obstacles. However, it is sometimes an elusive concept. Is it something we are born with? Is it something we develop and cultivate from our experiences and choices? Or, is it both? Margie Heiler and the other contributors to this unique book show us how to realize our full potential.








  A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills


Are you ready for a new approach to managing your employees? Learn to stop giving pieces of yourself away, regain time to get your own work done, and to enjoy your life. Margie Heiler and other contributors to this book reveal the secrets of managing with compassion, empathy, and acceptance. They offer invaluable insights, examples, and exercises as guides to help the reader improve their business and personal life.     








  Roadmap to Success with Margie S. Heiler, Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey

Some of America’s top intellectual minds map out proven business strategies in this compilation of resources for busy people who want to become more successful. In her interview, Margie Heiler talks about her unique "Road to Resilience" process of building capacity, realizing potential, and keeping momentum toward goals. She shares her insights about the powerful suite of assessments that has helped so many of her clients become stronger and more effective leaders. 




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