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EQ - Emotional Intelligence Workshop


Increase decision-making effectiveness and create a culture of emotional intelligence in your team and organization. This workshop gives you and your team the tools to master emotional intelligence. All employees can raise their EQ and this workshop helps them get started.  Developing the competencies of emotional intelligencecan help individuals and teams become top performers who deliver higher levels of profitability while creating an energized, healthier workplace.


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Workplace MOTIVATORS Workshop


What motivates your team? Uncover the deep-seated values and motivators that empower your team to understand themselves and others better. This workshop improves performance by teaching participants to recognize the driving forces in their own motivation and that of others. Becoming familiar with the 6 main motivators increases appreciation of diversity and makes teams more likely to leverage each other's strengths and work efficiently together.


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Dynamic COMMUNICATION Workshop

This DISC-based workshop focuses on the benefits of applying the DISC behavioral styles to communication. The workshop shows participants how to understand one's own communication styleand how to best adapt and bridge to other styles. Perfect for teams experiencing conflict or communication dysfunction. Outcomes include more effective communication, a more positive work environment and being able to take teamwork to the next level. It also creates a common language to address conflict and take a strengths-based approach to working together.

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Assessment Certification Courses

Become certified in the DISC Behaviors, Workplace Motivators and the EQEmotional Intelligence assessments. Click here to learn more.  

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Positive Change: Leader as Coach


This 2-day training program is designed to increase leadership capacity with coaching skills. Develop a culture of leadership that engages minds, facilitates constructive conversations and optimizes collaborationL earn to coach others to higher levels of performance and to create an environment where others are inspired to be their best, every day.

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