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Coaching Programs and Services

Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.
- Bernard Williams

Margie and her collaborative partners look forward to the opportunity to work with clients on proposed initiatives, plans, and customized coaching programs.

The Road to Resilience team is made up of professionally certified and seasoned professionals with deep experience in coaching, consulting, assessments, training and facilitation. We are pleased to offer profile summaries and client references on request.

A wide variety of coaching services are offered. They can be used individually or in conjunction with any of the other programs and services. Individuals, teams, and organizations benefit from years of experience and expertise in customizing and blending the offerings to meet your particular needs. Please call us for recommendations in designing the perfect customized program.

Road to Resilience Programs and Services:

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Group and Team Coaching

- Coach Mentoring

- Individual Coaching

- Assessments

- Workshops and Training


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