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Dynamic Communication Workshop
(Based on DISC profile)

with Margie S. Heiler, MS, MCC, CEC

Dynamic Communication is a behaviorally-based communication seminar. It teaches people how to communicate using the DISC language as a way of understanding themselves and others. The seminar incorporates a behavioral assessment with an individualized report to give a more complete understanding of what DISC behavior is and how to use it. Anyone attending the workshop learns how to interact with others and to appreciate other's behavioral styles, both personally and professionally. Increased communication is noticed immediately after the seminar.


Participants will learn how to:
- Communicate more effectively.
- Create a positive work environment.
- Take relationships to the next level.
- Encourage and foster trust.
- Take responsibility for their behavior.

At the end of this seminar, participants will:
- Understand their own behavioral design.
- Recognize, understand and appreciate other's behavioral styles.
- Adapt for enhanced communication, understanding and relationships.

Dynamic Communication participants leave the seminar energized and ready to apply their learning and knowledge. Employers begin to see positive changes immediately after the seminar. People will realize that differences are good and can be used effectively to make any organization more successful.

Participants do not stop learning when the seminar is over. Their individual reports will allow them to continually learn about their behavior style and, in turn, improve their communication skills. The benefits of the seminar are endless.

Participants will understand and learn how to apply their unique behavior. One of the most powerful communication seminars in the world, this workshop incorporates sophisticated computerized behavioral communication assessments and the Success Insights™ Wheel. It stresses application in visual terms everyone can understand and use. This, along with Your Attitude is Showing seminar, will result in building long-lasting relationships that will continue to grow. Each participant receives an individualized report, workbook and individual debrief session if desired.

Each participant will be sent a password to go on-line and answer a short questionnaire. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once the questionnaire is completed, an individualized report will be sent to participant over e-mail in pdf format or participants may receive their report at the workshop. Participants will spend up to one hour in a one-on-one phone session with consultant to debrief individual reports prior to workshop and have an opportunity to ask questions. During the workshop, participants will have a chance to practice and learn more about behaviors and motivators, and how to interpret and apply their talents and strengths in the workplace.

For more information contact Margie S. Heiler at 540.635.4843 or by email.

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