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Personal Coaching for Yourself

When will you be ready to make changes for a smoother ride in life - both personally and professionally - to achieve the success and results you are seeking? Do you want to do your best and use your unique gifts and talents as you live a rich and fulfilling life? You no longer have to sacrifice having a prosperous and rewarding life while you achieve your other goals.

What are you waiting for?

As a Master Certified Coach and Certified Executive Coach, I blend business, professional, and personal perspectives to support you on your growth path according to your timing and pace. I support individuals, teams, and organizations that are already successful in discovering more about their strengths and talents to maximize human potential and development for amazing results.


When you want to work at a walk, I'll synergize with you at your pace and rhythm.


When you are ready to move ahead at a faster pace, I'll be trotting right alongside of you.


And, if you enjoy working at a gallop, I'll be running with you.




Regardless of the pace, I will bring business and personal experience to our coaching relationship, including management positions in the corporate world and over fifteen years in training and development, organization development, and change. I also offer several years of running a successful business, with over twelve years of coaching experience.

During the past several years, Margie has had extensive, in-depth experience facilitating and coaching in the Federal Government arena. She has also implemented and supported executive coaching programs in several organizations.

What will you bring to the journey?

My commitment is to support you in your process and journey as I hold YOUR agenda and give you the space to blaze your own trails at your own cadence. You will reap the benefits as you design and plan your trip and then put it into action, while enjoying the process along the way.

Contact me for more information about a customized coaching program.


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