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  VALUES DECK -Two Decks in One!                                         $24.95



The VALUES DECK, designed by Margie Heiler, is a great tool for anyone working with values for self-development, high performance teamwork, leadership development, or organizational effectiveness.



Core values are important for every person, team, and organization. Finally, a tool to help clarify, prioritize, and harness the energy of values.

Use the Road to Resilience™ VALUES DECK by yourself or with a group to become more aware of values and their importance in decision-making.


This award-winning, two-decks-in-one tool can be used for multiple purposes. It comes with a 12-page booklet describing various exercises and activities for individuals and teams. Perfect for:

  • Values clarification and alignment
  • Team building
  • HR and OD professionals
  • Coaches
  • Leaders
  • Strategic planning and decision-making
  • Relationship building
  • Families

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Sourcebook of Coaching History


By Vikki Brock, PhD, and featuring quotes by Margie Heiler, MS, MCC


This groundbreaking work presents a comprehensive review of the historical roots of coaching and the influence of pioneers in related fields. Never before has so much information been distilled from research and popular literature to highlight implications for the coaching field and its positive impact on postmodern society.





EQ - Emotional Intelligence Workshop


With Margie Heiler, Facilitator and Team Coach


Create a culture of emotional intelligence in your team and organization. This workshop will increase decision-making effectiveness and give your team the tools to master emotional intelligence. Research has shown that developing the competencies of emotional intelligence helps individuals and teams become top performers who deliver higher levels of profitability while creating an energized, healthier workplace.





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