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Your Attitude is Showing™ Workshop
(Based on PIAV - Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessment)
with Margie S. Heiler, MS

People will find the words and ways to articulate why they do the things they do, or why they feel the way they do and what motivates them. This workshop raises the awareness of a person's attitude and values and empowers that person to enjoy a more satisfying lifestyle and workstyle. This, along with the Dynamic Communication Workshop™, is the path to more effective communication. This workshop includes a customized, individualized report and workbook.

What is an Attitude?
A person's attitude is a mental position or mindset, a feeling or an emotional response to environment that causes a person to value certain experiences, people and activities. It causes people to devalue other experiences, people, and activities. It is a passion, a world view people have that was formed by genetics and life experiences, as well as beliefs. People see the world through the window of their attitudes.

Why Learn About Attitudes?
Building a positive attitude toward self and others starts with understanding how your own attitudes propel you into action. People often lack the words to articulate why they do what they do or why they feel the way they do. When applying the principles in this seminar, individuals will understand why they make the decisions they make and why conflicts can arise. They will see why others view the world differently and value similar or different things in life. Attitudes will open an individual's eyes to a new understanding of themselves and the people around them. Once individuals understand what motivates them, they can make sure those motivators are satisfied, personally or professionally. When motivators are not satisfied, quality of life is impacted in negative ways.

Your Attitude is Showing™ (PIAV) Workshop

At the end of this seminar, participants will:
- understand each attitude and the interactions of each one.
- know which attitudes drive their lives, actions and decisions.
- understand other's viewpoints and be able to interact convincingly by seeing the world through other's eyes and lenses.
- recognize and appreciate other's attitudes.

Every organization spends time and money on training and development. This seminar will develop employees' knowledge about themselves so they can learn how to communicate with others. Understanding why people do what they do opens up a whole new level of understanding and communicating. When employees learn where other colleagues are coming from, they begin to see each other's behavior and attitudes from a different perspective.

Every employer should know the "how" and the "why" of every employee. DISC (how) plus attitudes (why) leads to powerful communication, understanding and decision-making in a person's life.

Seminars include individual reports, seminar workbooks and often individual pre-workshop phone debriefing sessions.

A consultant will send a full review with observations, compiled data, and summary report with recommendations. A blended solution approach that involves follow-up coaching is available for an additional fee.

For more information contact Margie S. Heiler by phone at 540.635.4843 or by email.

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